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The Sunshine Award


Last week, I was privileged to have Robin, from Bringing Europe Home award me with the Sunshine Award.

As you can see from her lovely blog, she lived in Europe for a time and her kind words of encouragement have certainly brought a ray of sunshine to my rainy corner of Blighty on a number of occasions!

Thank you again Robin!

According to the instructions, I am supposed to:

  • acknowledge and thank the giver, link it back, and put the award on your page;
  • answer 10 questions about yourself found below;
  • pass the award on to 10 or a random number of bloggers (in my case I’ll nominate only five or else this blog post might go on all day!) and notify them.
  • I suppose I should get around to answering the questions first.

    What is a real fear you have?
    The first thing that comes to mind seems like such a cliche, but spiders. I’m terrified of them. Tim often times will come home to find a glass, upside down over a spider, as I am too scared to take it outside myself. I’m sure this drives him insane.

    As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
    What haven’t I wanted to do?! I think I’ve wanted to be everything in the world at one point or another all the way from archeologist to zoologist. I even remember a teacher asking me way back in middle school, after returning from a holiday, how long I had been on the plane before I decided I wanted to be a pilot. At this point in my life now, if I could do anything, I would be a writer. Preferably a good one.

    What are some of your hobbies?
    I love to read, write, travel, cook. Photography is also pretty high up there. So are naps. Napping sounds like a good hobby.

    What hobby would you like to start?
    First thing that comes to mind is probably surfing. I’ve gone several times and really enjoyed it, but never got into it properly. I appreciate that the time when that should have happened was when I was living in California though; not in England.

    If you could tell people anything, what would be the most important thing to say?
    Tell people today how much you love and appreciate them, because tomorrow they could be gone.

    Name one item from your “bucket list”?

    What’s the best prank you’ve pulled off?
    I think Tim knows the answer to this one, and that’s probably all I should say.

    What book are you planning to read next?
    I’ve been going through a lot of books lately. I finished One Day by David Nicholls the other day and have just started The Sins of the Father by Jeffery Archer, while The Prisoner of Heaven by Carlos Ruiz Zaf√≥n is all lined up next on my bedside table.

    Coffee or tea?

    Lemon torte or chocolate cheesecake?
    I think I’ll have to go with the chocolate cheesecake, though I’m sure they’re both delicious.

    Whew. That sure seemed like way more than 10 questions.

    Now for the fun bit though; the nominees.

  • Poetry Plus UK
  • I had the opportunity to meet Amy in a writing class I took and she is a fellow ex-pat here in England (originally from China), and writes the most beautiful, thought provoking poems.

  • Bluebell Stitches
  • A lovely blog which always leaves me in awe of how incredibly talented and creative she is; especially with a toddler and phD studies to look after too!

  • Moving Fast Whilst Getting Nowhere
  • Chris’s wonderful outdoor adventure blog whose pictures always make me want to get out and explore more of the UK.

  • Domestic Diva, M.D.
  • A perfect blog with great recipes and the best stories to accompany them. Always puts a smile on my face.

  • Ideal Housewife
  • Margaret’s wonderful blog with everything from recipes to crafts. She is so talented and even though I will never be able to sew as well as her, it’s still fun to see all the lovely things she is creating.

    So there they are, the nominees!

    They are all really great blogs and I hope you have a moment to check them out.

    Thanks again and I hope everyone has been watching the US Women’s soccer/football team playing France today.

    Come on USA!

    Have I mentioned I’m excited about the Olympics yet?