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In Search of Fall


Fall is here; though honestly I think it’s been here in the UK since August.

Since I am trying to enjoy life in Blighty and embrace the changing of the seasons (i.e. cold to colder), the other day Josh and I decided to go in search of some fall colour.

20121010-192348.jpgWe ended up going to an arboretum, something which I am ashamed to admit, I had never heard of. “A garden for trees? Must be a British thing!” I laughed.

Turns out they have them in California too.

Which makes me really curious what they look like in the fall.

Do palm trees change colour?

Between the rain and the cold, we wandered around and as you can see, some of the trees are starting to change colour. I can only imagine how lovely it will look once they all turn.

20121010-192726.jpgWe recently bought Josh his first pair of proper fitting wellies; a defining moment in every British child’s life.

He wasn’t too sure about them.

He came around eventually though.


20121010-193318.jpgWe actually had more fun then I thought we would, just wandering around the place for a few hours, taking photos and splashing in puddles.

20121010-193510.jpgI even managed to get a photo of myself and Josh, which, even though it’s not great, I am determined to take more photos with me actually in them after reading this wonderful article called The Mom Stays in the Picture.

20121010-194035.jpgHappy Fall everyone!