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The Birthday Boy


Josh turned 3 recently.

Happy Birthday Josh!

Usually I try and take a nice photo (aka not with my iphone) of him on his actual birthday, but since we were busy going out for his birthday this year, that didn’t happen.

Oh well.

It’s only a few days later and today we had some free time, so I dug around the house and managed to find some water balloons.

I’m not really sure what I was going for, just that I was hoping I could manage to get a cute photo of him playing with them.

I think I did.



Tim came home while we were playing outside and Josh wanted to throw water balloons at Tim.

Much more fun than throwing them at a fence.

Until Tim decided to pop one over Josh’s head.

He wasn’t too happy about that.

But I think they’ve made up now.

Happy Birthday Josh.

We love you so much!


Keeping A Promise


Remember that birthday promise I made to Tim and Josh all of about, oh, three days ago?

Well, today I almost broke it.

It was a bank holiday here in England, which means Tim had the day off. Knowing how much I love the ocean, he looked up a beach (with sand; not rocks) for us to go to today.

Too bad the weather hadn’t gotten the memo that it was a holiday today.

It was so cold.


This is the view through the windshield of our car as I sat in the car, refusing to get out and go down to the beach.

I didn’t say I was proud of myself.

It was just so cold.

And then I remembered my promise.

That stupid promise.

And so, I got out of the car and went down to join Tim and Josh on the beach.


There I am.

Can you see me under my three layers and huge winter jacket?

Proud of myself for even getting out of the car, I sat and watched Tim and Josh play in the sand.



They were having so much fun, it eventually convinced me to join in too.

Josh and I even went for a walk down in the water.


We had so much fun jumping and splashing around.



It was completely worth the cold and rain, getting to splash around with Josh today.

My Birthday Promise


It’s my birthday this weekend.

And not just any birthday.

30. The big 3-0.

There. I’ve said it.

And isn’t admitting it part of the solution?

Don’t get me wrong; I’m excited to turn 30. It’s just that I feel very much as if I should have done more with my life by now.

Yes I’ve traveled. Finished lots of schooling. Worked. I have a wonderful husband and a lovely little boy who both make me happier than words can describe.

But sometimes, I still just feel empty.

I don’t know if it has to do with essentially walking away from my career to be a stay at home mom; a decision which I made over two years ago, and which, to this day, I still wonder whether it was the right one. I know that were I to go back to work, I wouldn’t be seeing any of Josh, except for on the weekends.

I would absolutely hate that.

But at the same time, I don’t know that I am cut out to be a stay at home mother either. I’m sure all stay at home mom’s get bored of the never ending rotation of play dough and play dates. I’m no exception.

So what’s the answer then?

I wish I knew.

And as I sit here, feeling myself slip precariously closer to “middle aged,” I think I need to take a moment to set some goals for myself this year.

Running more. Writing more. Exploring more.

I have tried to be a bit more adventurous recently exploring England and as Tim keeps reminding me, I only have one year left with Josh before he goes off and starts school. How did that happen?

So Tim and Josh, I’m making you both a promise on my birthday this year.

I want to learn, make memories and explore this little corner of the UK with you this next year. I will stop second guessing every decision I have ever made in life, and focus on the here and now. I will stop wishing I was back in California, buy a nice waterproof jacket and embrace our lovely life here in England.

After all, it’s only been six years.

I love you both with every inch of my being and thank you for making this old lady so very happy.

Happy Birthday Joshua


Today is Josh’s Birthday.

I know everyone says it, but where has the time gone?

Having already celebrated his birthday while my mom was here, we didn’t do anything special today, other than attempt a little photo shoot that didn’t turn out very well.

I’ve seen some really cute ideas for birthday photos where every year the child holds the number of balloons that they are turning. I think I’ve even seen them done for monthly baby photos.

Either way, the children in the photos always appear to be standing still and holding their balloons nicely by their side.

That didn’t happen with Josh.


So I chased him around the garden, watching him tangle himself up in the balloons.


He had a blast with those balloons.

And the pictures will be just fine in the end; a fun memory.

This boy just does not sit still.

Except for cake.


For cake, he’ll sit still.



I love you more than words can describe.

Happy Birthday my dearest Joshua!

Train Birthday Party


Happy Birthday Josh!

Well, about a month early anyways.

We are back from Germany and had wanted to celebrate Josh’s second birthday while my mom was still here. We planned to have a BBQ, but with the weather yesterday promising a months worth of rain in a day, it didn’t seem like the best of ideas.

We went back and forth many times and Tim finally decided to just go ahead and have the party anyways.

I’m glad he did.

We really lucked out weather wise and while it wasn’t exactly warm, it didn’t rain during the party and Tim managed to BBQ and all the kids were able to play outside.



The “theme” was, of course, trains, and I tried my hand at decorating a cake with fondant icing.


I couldn’t believe how difficult it was. By the time I finished just putting the fondant icing on the cake an hour had already gone by, so I gave up and just stuck one of Josh’s toy trains on the cake stand.

It didn’t seem to bother Josh at all.

I have a new found respect for anyone who can decorate cakes with fondant icing.

My train cookies turned out a bit better though so all wasn’t completely lost.


Josh especially enjoyed them.

I saw him sneak another cookie when someone put their plate on the ground.


I think all the kids had a nice time though. There were trains to ride on and train whistle favours at the end.



One of my favourite things was a little photo collage we put up, using about 20 or so of our favourite photos of Josh from this last year.


We picked out some of our favourites of Josh and placed them chronologically, using an arch in our house.

It was a lovely way to see how he’s grown and changed this year.

The year seems to just fly by, so it’s nice to have that visual reminder.

And of course, to reminisce about what a wonderful year it has been.