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The Birthday Boy


Josh turned 3 recently.

Happy Birthday Josh!

Usually I try and take a nice photo (aka not with my iphone) of him on his actual birthday, but since we were busy going out for his birthday this year, that didn’t happen.

Oh well.

It’s only a few days later and today we had some free time, so I dug around the house and managed to find some water balloons.

I’m not really sure what I was going for, just that I was hoping I could manage to get a cute photo of him playing with them.

I think I did.



Tim came home while we were playing outside and Josh wanted to throw water balloons at Tim.

Much more fun than throwing them at a fence.

Until Tim decided to pop one over Josh’s head.

He wasn’t too happy about that.

But I think they’ve made up now.

Happy Birthday Josh.

We love you so much!


First Round of Golf

20120827-231222.jpgTim loves golf.

Loves it.

So it was no surprise then, that when the golf club where he is a member had a family day recently, Tim jumped at the chance to take Josh and show him around.

I was so glad I brought my camera along to get some pictures of, what I am sure will be, the first of many father son golf games, whether Josh likes it or not!20120827-231630.jpg20120827-231718.jpg20120827-231806.jpg
Though after watching him play with Tim, I’m pretty sure he is going to adore the game just as much as his dad.