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A Pretty Good Day


Last week was half term here in England, which means schools were out and London was very crowded.

Most of the museums have special events on during half term for all the little ones. We decided to go to the National Gallery, which had on an Imaginary Worlds Family Festival.


The last time we came to the National Gallery with Josh was about a year ago and was clearly not a great place to bring a one year old.

But now that he’s a bit older he seemed to enjoy it, and I especially loved looking at paintings with him and listening to him tell me about what he thought was happening in them.

My personal favourite was when upon seeing Seurat’s Bathers at Asnieres, Josh was very concerned that the boy in the river had lost his dog and was calling out for him, though the dog didn’t seem to look too concerned to me.

We had a great time though looking at the paintings and doing some of the children’s events like listening to a pop up orchestra.

The fun didn’t stop either when we left the gallery, as we even managed to see a somewhat creepy puppet show happening in Trafalgar Square.


And of course we had lunch, which was possibly the highlight of the day when we found a new Mexican place on the Strand.

And dessert.

Dessert was pretty good too.

Yup. It was a pretty good day.



Saatchi Gallery Outing


As a belated Valentine’s Day gift, Tim took me to the Saatchi Gallery in London yesterday to see the exhibit 50 Years of the Sunday Times Magazine.

It highlighted some of the photographs taken for the magazine over the years, including images all the way from newborn babies to the Vietnam war.

I especially liked this photo of the Apollo 11 landing and took it to show to Josh.


After, we went and explored a bit more of the gallery which was probably far too artsy for Tim and I.



Though Tim seemed to enjoy this piece, which he called a “tea towel holder.” I told you it was way over our heads!


We eventually made our way down to Covent Garden and had dinner at a restaurant there. But on our way, we happened across two very exciting finds.



Chipotle is coming to London and there is a Tutti Frutti on the Strand?!

Best. News. Ever.