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Back to the Butterflies


Last week, we ended up heading over to RHS Wisley to see the Butterflies in the Glasshouse, an event which happens every February.

Last year was our first time going, which I wrote about here.

This time, not much was different, though as it had only recently opened, it wasn’t crowded at all. Which was nice.

We were able to see some butterflies.


We saw some beautiful flowers.

And all from inside a beautiful building which, as other people began to wilt from the heat, was just the right temperature for me.

Josh seemed to enjoy himself too.

And despite his running off to chase after the butterflies, I think I managed to get a few cute photos of him.



Though I’m especially pleased with this one.

Mainly because I have a very similar photo taken of him last year while visiting the butterflies.

My baby is growing up.


A Perfect Sunrise


This last weekend I had a great idea.


We should go watch the sunrise.

It would be perfect.

We would get all bundled up, take a mug of hot chocolate, go hike and see the sunrise.

The weather was even supposed to be perfect too on Sunday.

Crisp and sunny.

Sadly, the weather was just about the only thing that did work out right.

Despite Josh happily being woken at 6 am and bundled into the car, asking “where we going mama?”, the rest of the morning did not quite go as planned.

The drive took a bit longer than we thought and we got there just after the sunrise.

It was still a beautiful view though.

But it was cold.

About 30 degrees cold.

And despite all his layers, Josh wasn’t having any of it.

He cried, refused to walk and screamed “hands not working!” I imagine because they were so cold. Poor kid. He clearly has inherited his mother’s Californian weather sensibilities.

Tim, always one to look on the bright side, suggested going for another hike in the afternoon to see the sunset, which happens over here at about 4pm.

I took a bit more convincing, as usual, but we ended up going on another hike to see the sunset, and I’m so glad we did.

There was beautiful light for photos.

Josh was much happier, rolling around in the grass and being thrown up into the air by Daddy.


We even managed a quick family photo.

And, of course, we saw the sunset.


It turned out to be the perfect plan after all.


Landscapes and Service Stations


This weekend, despite the rainy weather, we decided to get out and explore a bit more.

England is full of these gardens/parks/etc. where people pay money to go in and walk around enjoying nature for a few hours.

Usually in the rain.

You can see then, how as a Californian, it took a while for me to get used to this idea of paying money to go walk around in a forest, cold, wet and miserable.

But Josh seems to enjoy it and it gives me a chance to play around with my camera, so there you have it.

On Saturday, we went to Painshill Park, an 18th century English landscape park.

There were lots of beautiful landscapes.





And, unfortunately, lots of rain.



I might have been disappointed if that had been the main reason we had gone.

But it wasn’t.

We had heard that there was a Mexican place to eat at in a motorway service station on the way to Painshill Park.

For all of you back in America who don’t know what a motorway service station is, think of those truck stops we have along the freeway, out in the middle of nowhere, where people stop to use the restroom.

That’s it.

That’s where we ate for lunch.

But what a lunch it was!

There is little to no Mexican food in England, and here, at this motorway service station, was something straight out of Chipotle.



They even had churros!


It’s not weird to eat at a service station several times a week, right?