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All Aboard


Trains and I, we have a love-hate relationship.

Growing up in California, the land of the car, trains seemed almost otherworldly.

Very glamourous. Very romantic. Very 1940s.

So moving to England and actually riding on trains to commute to work was a big slap in the face. All that scrambling to get a seat. Grumpy passengers. Piles of rubbish all over. The strong scent of urine in the air.

It didn’t exactly live up to expectations.

But now of course, Josh loves trains.

Probably because he doesn’t have to commute on them.

And the family thought it would be fun to take a train ride while we were out in California, from Ventura to Santa Barbara.

And they were right.

It was fun and Josh loved it.

We had to wait a while for the train to actually turn up. I think it was at least a half an hour late. Which meant plenty of time to hang out and play with the family.


And, of course, find some toys with Uncle Terry.

Once we were finally on the train, Josh went crazy, running up and down the aisles telling everyone to “go hide!”

Apparently trains are good places to play hide and seek.


The view was pretty nice too.

A short time later, we were in Santa Barbara.

We went and walked around a bit down by the pier, enjoying all that California December sunshine.


After lunch, we went and wandered up State Street.

We ended up going to see the courthouse there, which is such a beautiful building.




Though Josh was far more interested in his space shuttle than looking at any architecture.


It was such a lovely day.

It probably helps that this was the view from the train on the way back.

I imagine that helps make commuting just that little bit nicer in California.

Even if the train still smells like pee.


One Day Of Sun


There’s been whispers about it all week.


This Sunday.

There might be some sun on Sunday.

I think the whole world knows just how awful the weather has been here in England this summer. Between the Jubilee coverage and the Olympics countdown, England’s rainy skies have been broadcast around the world.

But today, the rumours were true.

Today there was sun.

And as we are still down in Cornwall, along the coast, we were in the perfect place to enjoy it.

To be honest, the morning didn’t start off great.

In fact, it was downright cold.

We drove out to Kynance Cove, which the guidebooks say is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Shivering, we hiked the 10 minutes or so to get down to the beach.



We reached the beach, a term I use loosely as we had been warned that the tide was on the way back in, so whatever “beach” there was, would be gone in the next hour.

This was basically it.


A little stretch of sand nestled between the rocks.

By the time we left it looked like this.


It was funny to watch my mom see all the British children running around with sand pails and shovels, a puzzled look on her face. I’m afraid I don’t understand it either, other than that is just what your supposed to bring when you go to the “sea side,” even if the beach is only made of rocks.

I imagine people don’t go to Kynance Cove for the beach though. I imagine it is for the view, which after climbing up onto the top of one of the cliffs, really is beautiful, especially on a sunny day like today.




After visiting Kynance Cove, we drove over to St. Ives, a place I fell in love with.

It probably helped that the sun was shining and there was a nice big sandy beach with beautiful blue water.


The houses and town are all built into the hillside, which reminded me a bit of the Almafi Coast in Italy. The town also had a very young, artsy feel to it which was nice. Quite a contrast to all the small, deserted farming villages nearby.

We spent all of the afternoon just playing on the beach and enjoying the sunshine.



Josh even made a new friend while we were there.

Can you see them there building sandcastles together?


It was pretty cute.

The Pacific


I’ve been a bit down with all this rain and cold weather. The other day it was so cold you could see your breath. How is this still happening in June?

And while I would love to complain about this country and it’s miserable climate, I thought I should at least try and focus on something a bit more uplifting.

The beach.

I miss it.

I had a friend who once said that her happiness is proportional to her proximity to the ocean. I couldn’t agree more.

Except that here I am, on an island, literally surrounded by water (from both sky and sea), and it’s just not the same.

It’s not home.

So to reminisce a bit, I thought I’d put up a few pictures of Josh’s first trip to the beach. He was four months old and we had gone out to California for Christmas.

I was determined that the first time he set his eyes on an ocean, it would be the Pacific.

It has a special place in my heart and I am certain it will in Josh’s also.