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Apple Picking


In an attempt to enjoy whatever “warm” weather there is left to this year (remember, I’m trying to be more positive?), Josh and I have been going a bit ‘pick your own’ crazy.

We did strawberry picking last week, which was fun.

So I thought we should try a different crop, as we now have about five pounds of frozen strawberries sitting in our freezer.

Little did I know just how many options there are for picking your own fruits and vegetables in England.

Apparently there are numerous farms and/or garden centres in our area which each have numerous pick your own crops.

I’ve been wanting to make some homemade applesauce, so this week, Josh and I went and tried our hand at picking apples.

It was fun but I’m not sure how easy it was for Josh.


Poor guy. All that effort and I don’t think that apple was even ripe yet.

Don’t tell him, will you? He was so pleased with himself.

We ended up over in the raspberries eventually. I think Josh found those much easier to pick.

And of course, much easier to eat.



Strawberry Picking


On Monday, Josh and I tried something new.

We went strawberry picking.

Having grown up in California, right in the middle of loads of strawberry fields, it seemed a bit odd that strawberries are still in season this late in September. I think the season is over in June in California.

Either way, a friend had told me that the strawberries were at their best now, so Josh and I decided to give it a try.


We had a blast.

It probably helped that it was sunny and we were the only people there, which meant Josh had full run of all the fields.

Well, him and the tractors.


There were lots of other fields full of other fruit and vegetables, including corn, or sweetcorn as it’s called here in the UK.

We made our way to the strawberry field and set about picking some strawberries.

It was really fun to show Josh how to pick strawberries.


He got to be very good at determining whether a strawberry was “not red yet” or “too old,” by the time we were done.


He also got very good at tasting the strawberries when I wasn’t looking.


I guess picking strawberries is hungry work.