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The Birthday Boy


Josh turned 3 recently.

Happy Birthday Josh!

Usually I try and take a nice photo (aka not with my iphone) of him on his actual birthday, but since we were busy going out for his birthday this year, that didn’t happen.

Oh well.

It’s only a few days later and today we had some free time, so I dug around the house and managed to find some water balloons.

I’m not really sure what I was going for, just that I was hoping I could manage to get a cute photo of him playing with them.

I think I did.



Tim came home while we were playing outside and Josh wanted to throw water balloons at Tim.

Much more fun than throwing them at a fence.

Until Tim decided to pop one over Josh’s head.

He wasn’t too happy about that.

But I think they’ve made up now.

Happy Birthday Josh.

We love you so much!


The Little Sand Storm

We’re here!

Josh and I, and all of our passports, have safely made it to California.

And just so he knows someday, Josh was the BEST little traveler.

For the whole 11 hour flight, complete with turbulence which meant he had to stay buckled in his seat the last four hours, he was an angel. And even though he didn’t sleep a wink the entire flight, we had no tantrums; he was easygoing, listened to me and was just an all around awesome little travel buddy.

So thank you Josh.

I’ll have to try and remember this for when, on the return flight, inevitably it will all go horribly wrong and I will be tearing my hair out with a screaming two year old.

Then again, Tim will be there next time to hand off to, so perhaps it’s not so bleak after all.

But, as I said, we are here in California; jet lagged and enjoying the sunshine.

And since Josh continues to insist upon getting up at ungodly hours of the morning (one day it was 1:30am), we have gone out several days to the beach already, taking some early morning strolls.

Josh hasn’t really been around the ocean much, so I expected him to be a bit more hesitant walking near the water.

But he surprised me and did just the opposite, rolling around in the sand, reminding me very much of his Aunt Erin when she was little.



He just loved running around and throwing sand up into the air, rolling around in it, rubbing it onto his clothes.

This kid loves sand.

One surfer passing by laughed seeing Josh playing and called him a little sand storm.


I think I’d rather have a sand storm than a snow storm any day….

Autumn Leaves


Last weekend, it was just the right freezing crisp conditions that made all the fall colours really stand out.

We took advantage of this by pushing Josh in as many piles of leaves as we could find.


Thankfully, he didn’t seem to mind too much.

In fact, he loved playing in the leaves, gathering up as many as he could hold and throwing them up in the air.


I think he especially enjoyed it when Mommy joined in and we threw leaves at eachother.

Now that’s something I can’t remember getting to do in California.

We were probably too busy going to the beach…

An End of Summer Science Museum Adventure


Fall is in the air.

I decided Josh and I should have one more adventure out (while we are still able to wear shorts) to celebrate the end of summer; and so last week we headed off to the Science Museum.

I’d been bringing Josh here since he was barely able to walk, but always bypassed all the galleries and just headed straight for the children’s play area in the basement.

As he’s a bit older now, we decided to walk around and explore a bit.

Josh was in heaven.

Planes, trains and cars everywhere you looked.

I felt pretty silly for not having realised all this was there long before.

I mean, it’s pretty hard to miss a big rocket, right?

But Josh really enjoyed exploring and looking at all the old cars on display.


He also liked the space section, though not as much as the cars.

I suppose a command module just isn’t quite as flashy.

I’m sure he’ll come around eventually though.

The museum had loads of fun things for kids also, including a little play area dedicated to patterns.

Josh especially enjoyed the big fish display on the floor which reminded me very much of an iPad app Tara downloaded for her cats to play with.

All the kids were gathered around tapping the water and trying to catch the fish.

It was pretty cute.

After we left the museum, we walked down to the Natural History Museum, which is right next door.

I was curious to see if Josh was half as interested in dinosaurs as he is in cars.

We didn’t spend much time there though; the animatronic tyrannosaurus rex wasn’t a big hit with Josh, as you can see from the terrified look on his face.

Maybe I need to start with the fossils next time.

Another Round

20120906-190451.jpgTwo golf posts in a row?

I know.

We just had so much fun with Josh the other week at the golf club, we decided to see if he could handle a bit more.
He can.

Tim had a late start at work, so we were all up early today and on the golf course.

Well, not a real golf course, but a little one with only 9 holes.

Still though, it’s quite a walk for a two year old and even the couple playing behind us commented “he’s doing well keeping up. He’ll sleep well tonight!” in their chirpy British accents.


I didn’t bring my camera, so as usual, I just used my iPhone to capture of few shots of Josh and Tim playing.

Didn’t I say last week it would be the first of many?

I knew it…

Either way, Josh seemed to enjoy it just as much as the last time, even if he did take the golf ball and dribble it around like a football for a while.

He also insisted that his two friends come along for the ride.

In Daddy’s golf bag of course.

First Round of Golf

20120827-231222.jpgTim loves golf.

Loves it.

So it was no surprise then, that when the golf club where he is a member had a family day recently, Tim jumped at the chance to take Josh and show him around.

I was so glad I brought my camera along to get some pictures of, what I am sure will be, the first of many father son golf games, whether Josh likes it or not!20120827-231630.jpg20120827-231718.jpg20120827-231806.jpg
Though after watching him play with Tim, I’m pretty sure he is going to adore the game just as much as his dad.


Brighton’s Rocks


Anxious not to let all of my newly acquired British driving skills go to waste, Josh, my mom and I drove down to Brighton today.

I’ve always loved Brighton.

I think it all stems from The End of the Affair and this vision of London during World War II.

That and Brighton’s proximity to the ocean.

That always helps.

Even if the beach is made of rocks.


Which, I might add, was a huge hit with Josh.

So he didn’t feel left out among all the other British children, we brought his bucket and shovel along. And he had a blast playing there, the irony of shovelling rocks into a sand pail seemingly lost on him.


He had so much fun in fact, that he had to be put in time out twice for throwing rocks; one about the size of a golf ball, which thankfully I managed to notice and dodge at the last minute.

I tried to explain to him he needs to yell “catch” first and make eye contact with me, but that might be a bit advanced at this stage.

What is it with boys and throwing everything?

And he really throws well too.

A little too well…

Flying rocks aside, we had a lovely time there, playing on the beach.




When it got too cold, we went and explored the pier, which strikes me as the British equivalent to the Santa Monica Pier, complete with roller coasters and candy floss (aka cotton candy).




I even bought a bag of the candy floss to take home.


It sounded much more appealing than the cockles and whelks.