Hold The Mayo


Poor Tim.

I feel like we’ve been so busy these last few weeks, I really didn’t make any effort to celebrate Father’s Day. I think I even slept in while he got up with Josh.

So no breakfast in bed for Tim on Father’s Day.

We did make him cards though.


And I did make him lunch.

Does that count?

Cranberry sauce, rocket (or arugula in America), Brie and ham.

It doesn’t look that good in the photo, but trust me, it was a really good sandwich.


Tim always used to make fun of Americans, saying we are really into our sandwiches. When he first came to America, he had never heard of so many options for sandwich fillings. Avocado? That’s crazy!

Most sandwich options over here usually consist of some mixture of tuna and sweet corn (aka corn), always with mayonnaise, and always with butter.

Now that is something I will never get used to.

I also tried to redeem myself by making Tim some cookies last night which were so good.

The recipe is for Chocolate Oreo White Chocolate Chip Cookies and they are amazing.


I even saved some to give to these ladies who we picked up at Heathrow today.


Yes my mom and sister are here!

Well they were here, for about an hour, and now they are in Italy for a week before coming back to stay with us.

I can’t tell you how happy it made me seeing Josh recognise them at the airport and run to give them hugs.

It also made me happy to hear my sister say “guy it’s cold here!” when we were walking at the airport.

You people in California are just so soft.

But in all seriousness, I hope they have a great time in Italy though I’m anxious for them to get back.

I think Josh is too.


7 responses to “Hold The Mayo

  1. That’s so awesome that Josh recognized them! And yes, we Californians are really soft. I’m bundled up at 68 degrees :/

    • I know! I don’t know what we would do without Skype! And so funny about Californians! I remember wearing scarfs around Christmas because, like you said, 68 was so cold! Haha! 🙂

  2. Oh, I just realized that I have done nothing for my love, after that my suggestions to our daughter on drawing him a picture was not taken.I did write a poetry for Father’s Day, but not about the excellent father next to me. Congradulations on your family reunion! I believe you will make it a heartwarming event.

  3. I’m happy, too! Your cards are brilliant, as are the cookies and sandwich. I’m sure that Tim was “well chuffed” with his day.:-)

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